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B&B Training Courses Launched

Andy & Julian Banner-Price

We've been incredibly successful in both of the B&Bs we've run and now it's time to pass on the secrets of our success to others.

Over winter, I (Andy) plan to run weekend training courses for budding B&Bers.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to run a B&B yourself - but is it right for you? How do you choose what sort of property to buy and where? How do you make it a success? Have you got the money needed to make it a success or will you rapidly run out of money and be stuck in a situation you never envisaged? Will you enjoy sharing your house with strangers? Are you cut out to be polite when the phone rings at 3am?

I will help you answer these questions and many more. You will leave the course knowing the way forward and how to achieve your goals.

For some of you, you may leave having decided it's not for you as I will give you an honest warts and all view of life as a B&Ber. Don't worry though - think on the plus side how much money you will have saved long term by investing in the course.

So if you have always wanted to run a B&B then book up on our first course.


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