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Proof it pays to Book Direct

Book Direct

This month, the Competition and Markets Authority finally decided to act against so called third party websites also known as online travel agents (OTAs).

It’s a subject I’ve talked about before and whilst they’re asking for some movement on the practices they use, in my opinion they’re not coming down on them hard enough.

The CMA have acknowledged, following a lengthy public consultation, as well as speaking with industry bodies, that they mislead the public. If you use a website like and look at our B&B on there, several tactics are used to pressure sell you into booking with them and as quickly as possible. For example, you may be told that several people are looking at our B&B at the same time – in fact, one of those is you anyway, and the others could have looked at our B&B any time in the last week – so no need to rush your booking. It may also tell you we’ve been booked three times in the last hour – again this could actually mean in the last week.

Our rooms will have a warning note in red beside them that each room type is the last available which often sets in panic, but as each of our six rooms is one of a kind, it will only ever be the last room of that name available, even if we’re empty.

Recently I’ve also seen false discounts being advertised. It took me a while to work out why our rooms were so discounted but what it actually was showing was the difference between the highest room price and the lowest - so £189 now £129, wasn’t a £60 discount, it just meant we had one room priced at £189 but another room was £129. No discount was available on either room as these were our regular prices.

The Daily Mail published the following article on the subject:

Third party websites have another clause that unfortunately the CMA report did not rule on, even though it’s been outlawed in most other European countries already. We are not allowed to charge a cheaper price to our own guests on our own website than we charge on OTAs. This may sound ridiculous but they don’t want you to come direct to us under any circumstances and if it’s cheaper, you often will.

To get round this, we offer fantastic deals to our guests which are not publicly available to all by having our VIP Guest List. Knowing how to play the OTAs, who to use and who to avoid and how to make as many guests as possible book direct is covered in my training course. Have a look when the next course is and get yourselves booked on.


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