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Fast track to success...

​​Thirteen years ago, I was in the same position as you are today.  I learnt the hard way. 
But I've now been through this process twice.


However, it's no longer good enough to buy a B&B business and learn on the job.  Hospitality is more competitive than ever with on line review sites and the likes of Airbnb.  You can't afford a bad review while you find your feet,
as this will be there forever and impact your ability to attract guests.

You need to be able to run a professional business from the off, have an excellent website and out perform your competition.  You need to invest smartly and spend wisely.

Let me guide you through the process from concept to reality.

Where do I start?

Before you rush into spending your life savings or pension on a B&B - STOP!

We'll discuss if this is the right business for you - do you have the skills needed, what it's really like sharing your house with strangers, and the reality of running a B&B.


What sort of place you should get, the potential market and the pros and cons of running your own business.

The difference between domestic and commercial mortgages and valuing property.

A successful Business Plan - how to get the banks to lend you money (many B&B businesses fail, so banks are rightfully cautious to lend money - they need a lot of persuading that you can make a success of it and this course will help).

This course is an investment -

If you decide to go ahead, you have the tools you need to find a place which will be profitable.

If you decide it's not for you after all, you've saved thousands on legal costs, stamp duty and a whole lot more, not to mention uprooting, selling your home and giving up a job and career. 

How much will it actually cost to turn into a successful B&B?

How much do you need to build up to see you through winter?

What should I be asking when viewing properties and on the handover?

What is an inventory and why do I need one?

What consideration should I have to the owners' accommodation?

What's the downside of buying a finished property or a successful business?

How can I tell what markets to attract?

When is a perfect property not the perfect property at all?

Why did no-one tell me about all the other things involved in the purchase...and the costs?

How to pick the right solicitor and accountant.

What you need to know about the process which will save you thousands and your business.

Should I be star graded / offer evening meals / be licensed to sell alcohol / be VAT registered?

What should I offer for breakfast, how clean is clean, and what legislation should I know about?

Researching your competition & writing a successful business plan resulting in finance.

DAY ONE - The Purchase

Day to day running and organisation.

Working out costs and setting your prices.

How to measure success besides occupancy.

There are nearly 29,000 other B&Bs in the UK!  How are you going to stand out?


Having a winning website and marketing tips.

How to make TripAdvisor work for you.

The benefits of feedback and how to get it.

Dealing with third party websites.

The benefit of becoming an expert on your area.

How to avoid the expensive mistakes, and how to save costs.

Dealing with difficult customers / issues.

How to stay ahead of the crowd.

Legislation & avoiding litigation.

Business Improvement Districts.

Customer service tips to be the best.

Networking and why you need to be doing it.

Open floor question & answer session for any topic(s) not covered.

DAY TWO - The Business

Unlike on-line courses, I think it's really important that you have lots of opportunities to interact with others in the same boat and to ask as many questions of me as you like.

(There will only be between one and twelve people on my course giving you plenty of individiual attention and time.)

The course is fluid enough to cover other subjects, go off at a tangent or cover any subject in more detail if required.  I want you to get real value out of my course.

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