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You are at a crossroads & about to take one of the biggest decisions of your life.  Let me help you make a success of your new business venture...

If you've ever thought of buying or starting a B&B then you need my B&B Business Course.

Taking the normal approach gives average results.  I'll help you create a successful B&B in year one.

Got questions?

You must have a million questions right now. 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

I run training courses

to help you!

If you've just decided to run a B&B, but don't know where to start or whether you're making the right decision, this course is ideal for you.

What's the point?

Walk away from this course with the knowledge and confidence to go and choose the right property, make the right decisions from day one and most importantly make a success of your exciting new venture

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a course?

Have you ever just walked into a new job and had no training? No, so why should working for yourself be any different? If anything, B&B needs more diverse skills and experience than most jobs, so knowing what you are doing is essential. Being inexperienced can cost you time and money and lead to failure. I want to catapault you to success by passing on my experience and knowledge. If you need finance, banks will be looking for commitment and investment from you when they make their decision on lending. Attendance on a course can help demonstrate you are serious about your new venture and I'll also show you how to write the business plan the banks are looking for.

Why should I choose your course?

If you are going to attend a course, why would you not want to learn from someone at the top of the game themselves? You could attend a course by someone with a mediocre establishment and end up with an average B&B yourself. We are the number one B&B in the World (TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award 2019), won more awards to mention and are highly respected in the industry. Check out our awards here or our TripAdvisor reviews. We know what we're doing and want to pass on or secrets of success. Invest in your future now. Our location is accessible, straight down the M5 in Torquay on the south coast of England. We offer residential courses so you'll stay over and experience our award winning hospitality for yourselves so you can see how it's done.

Why is your course more expensive than some others?

You are about to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Like all big decisions, it's important you do the right thing, and in this case, if things go wrong, then you'll have wasted thousands of pounds, and both your home and livelihood will be at risk, not to mention giving up a career. Put it like this - If you were having a serious operation like a facelift, who would you go to? - your butcher who has offered to do a basic job for £250 - a foreign country for an average and unknown result for £500 - or would you spend a little extra money and for £2,500 go to a plastic surgeon on Harley Street who is the best in their profession, with proven results and experience? I have over twelve years experience and success in the B&B industry and prior to that I have proven success in the fields of training, business and customer service. Investment now will pay dividends later.

When are your courses held?

We run only a few select courses a year with a maximum of twelve deligates, giving you the opportunity to ask lots of questions and be really involved in the discussions and talk about your individual circumstances. They are held at weekends during winter, usually in November, January and February. Alternate course dates and mid-week dates may be available on request.

Who is the course for?

You may be fed up with your job, looking for a career change, taking early retirement or redundancy, or just want to work for yourself or live somewhere nicer. Whatever your reason, I can help you achieve your dream without wasting time and money in the process. I will also help you: - assess if running a B&B is the right decision for you and make sure: - you can afford it - you buy the right property in the right location. I'll then give you a solid grounding in what you need to know to hit the ground running and fast track to business success - passing on my ten years of hospitality experience.

What is at stake if I don't attend a course?

Giving up your job(s), selling your home and buying a B&B or small hotel is not a light decision to take. You should be in posession of all the facts and know what you are letting yourselves in for. It will cost you well over £30,000 in transaction fees alone (stamp duty, solicitors, estate agents, accountants and removals) for an average priced small B&B. If you only decide it's not for you once you've already moved in, or you can't make a success of it before your money runs out, then you are potentially stuck with a failing business that you can't sell and a job you don't enjoy. Spending less than a tenth of your moving costs on this course now will help you decide: - that you still want to go ahead and it's right for you - what sort of property you should be looking for - which area is right for you - what action to take to ensure success. I will show you ways to save money, help you avoid the mistakes I made and show you how to bring in money, and more importantly create a profit.

I've still got an unanswered question

No problem. You are about to take the biggest and potentially riskiest step of your life. You will want to make the right decisions and ensure you get professional help before you commit to anything. I've been there, I know the worries. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have about my course and whether you're making the right decision. Just drop me an email at training@the25.uk or call me on 01803 297517.